Demystifing the Render Tree


In this training we go deep into this production ready scene to learn the most fundamental rendering tool in Softimage, the Render Tree. Render Tree is the nodal interface for dealing with shaders in Softimage and it is the right tool for the job in Mental Ray and third party renders alike. With some great promises on the rendering horizon for SI there is no better time to jump on the bandwagon and Demystify the Render Tree yourself!

Demystifing the Render Tree
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Constraint along strand

research and development

In the middle of production I was face’d with something I had not done yet. We had to constraint a bunch of strands to the tip of another strand. As in the time we did not have Syflex for ICE we decided to use ICE’s own strand framework. Good for us it was not hard arranging a bunch of nodes in order to get this constraint going.
All I had to do to share it online was to make it a little more flexible and scale friendly. Here it is hope you like it.

gb Strand along strands ICE compound