Light, Render, Passes


[cml_media_alt id='582']Light Render Passes Cover Image[/cml_media_alt]This course focus on a physically correct approach to lighting inside of Softimage. As the viewer, you will learn important concepts like Linear Workflow, Light Decay, Hard and Soft Shadowing, and the different kinds of lights we have in real life so you never have to use ugly hacks in rendering again. The use of a real production scene will be a great opportunity for everyone to understand how lighting can set the mood of the scene, and how to avoid common rendering bottlenecks. As the cherry on top of our CG cake, you will understand how the use of Softimage’s powerful passes system can leverage your work in the compositing stage, and how you can use Softimage’s FXTree to solve preComp issues in your pipeline.

Although some content in this course is Mental Ray specific we try to make it as broad as possible and teach tools that can be used with any render engine available to SI out there.
Lights, Render, Passes
Demystifing the Render Tree
Other training videos at cmiVFX

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