Citroen Aircross

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This last job I’ve participated in was of a very rare breed. Animaking was bold enough to mix a bunch of different techniques, namely live action, miniature models, stop motion, cg and post… phew. It all blends into a nice view of the Aircross automobile running through the atacama desert…

I was a small part of this great effort, running most particle sims. It was very nice to work with some old friends and meet a few more nice people.

Watch in HD, if you will…



Back from the metropolis! This past week I have presented a workshop on ICE for 40 people at Melies school of cinema and animation, in São Paulo. Those who attended got a clear idea of what a interactive visual programing envoiroment like ICE may bring to the table in the context of animation and effects. We also stablished a panorama of most type of sims that exist in this, and other plataforms, trying to understand the pros and cons of each. Besides this overview we got into the guts of all the math behind ICE and some things those who are not aquinted with the tool get a hard time with (like data’s type and context). To finish it all off tornados and explosions were simulated, good times!

good news

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A couple good news in a role this month!

Last week I finally made to the 1.0 version of my plug-in (called Motion Tools) for Autodesk Softimage. I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but basically it is a collection of tools to aid motion graphics work. It eases the use of the ICE framework for the creation, procedural animation and simulation of many many objects. For more info, please visit:

Besides that, I’m proud to anounce that together with the guys at Melies School of Cinema and Animation (in São Paulo, Brazil), I’ve prepared a 1 week workshop on ICE. The idea is to avoid the tutorial approach and dive into the concepts behind technical direction and simulation. This workshop will take place at Melies’ building, between the 24th and the 28th of September. For those in Brazil, call (11) 5573-1095 for more info.

Motion Tools

research and development

Motion Tools is a small collection of tools that aims to aid Motion Graphic work being created inside Softimage. The idea is to create a workflow for the creation, distribution and animation of instances as intuitive as the ones found in comercial solutions. Since it is created ontop of ICE the tools have speed and combustibility considerably superior to similar solutions.

Oficial website:

motion tools v0.4

research and development

Motion Tools is a small collection of tools that aims to aid Motion Graphic work being created inside Softimage. In this latest release the capability of controling polygons and polygon islands with particles was added. Therefore enabling one to control this elements with regular ICE nodes, or Motion Tools’ compounds.
Some high priority bugs and workflow enhancements were tackled, although, due to time constraints these improvements were not akin to the initial intention. I hope this still may prove useful to some.

Download (right click, or drag into Softimage):
Softimage 2013 – MotionTools/v0.4/2013/MotionTools.xsiaddon
Softimage 2012 – MotionTools/v0.4/2012/MotionTools.xsiaddon

Release Notes:


Softimage ICE Deformers


ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) is a nodal environment inside Autodesk Softimage that can do a range of different things. You can use it to create custom deformers, animate particles, rig characters, simulate fluids, and even generate crowds.It doesn’t matter what you want to do with ICE, there is a set of concepts and nodes that you need to know and understand in order to get going with the tool.Concepts like data types and data context, order of evaluation, vectors, matrices, arrays, locations and so on…

In this training we are going to build 3 custom deformers. We will start with the easy ones and learn the most basic concepts in ICE. As we move on to more complex deformations, the understanding of more complex concepts will feel natural to you, since you already have your feet wet.

Softimage ICE Deformers
Other training videos at cmiVFX