Neural Networks and Animation

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I’ve recently published, as an open source project, the code for feNeuralNet. This is a Fabric Engine extension for doing simulation of previously trained Neural Networks. Fabric Engine is a plataform for CG development that works standalone but is also integrated in many animation packages like 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, and Modo. Yes, that means you can now play with neural nets in any of those packages.
If you are wondering what good is having neural networks in an animation package, so am I! On a more serious note, machine learning is enabling people in many fields to come up with computational solutions for problems that were previously very hard to solve… I am curious to see what real applications can emerge in animation and vfx pipelines in the next few years.
Here is the link to that code:

Processing moCap data for Machine Learning with Fabric Engine

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In this three part video series I show the challenges in pre-processing motion capture data for machine learning and how one can go about this task. I use Fabric Engine as a development tool for this task. If you find this video helpful or if you have further comments or questions on this topic, please, leave a reply bellow.

Video 2:
Video 3:

A thread from the Fabric Engine forum:

Non-Humanoid Creature Performance from Human Acting

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In this work we propose a framework for using human acting as input for the animation of non-humanoid creatures; captured motion is classified using machine learning techniques, and a combination of preexisting clips and motion retargeting are used to synthetize new motions. This should lead to a broader use of motion capture.

This work was presented as a poster at SIGGRAPH 2016. Click here for the full publication.

developer diary: pipeline manager, part 1

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In the uni lab where I work (DesignLab) the creation of av content through computer graphics is a daily routine. Therefore we occasionally have to discuss workflow, project, file and asset management  In the companies I have previously worked, as well as in our lab, I’ve never used a complete computational solution to handle this tasks. Most of the times management of many production aspects happens through best practices and some minor computer programs that help ease repetitive tasks or lessen user error potential of other tasks. During my last vacations, out of curiosity, I decided to research what would be necessary to automate management of of digital productions in our lab. Firstly I sketched out some diagrams of how worked flow, most places I’ve worked. I also brought down to paper rules for naming, storage, and backup… rules I’ve learned ad hoc.

good news

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A couple good news in a role this month!

Last week I finally made to the 1.0 version of my plug-in (called Motion Tools) for Autodesk Softimage. I’ve talked about this in previous posts, but basically it is a collection of tools to aid motion graphics work. It eases the use of the ICE framework for the creation, procedural animation and simulation of many many objects. For more info, please visit:

Besides that, I’m proud to anounce that together with the guys at Melies School of Cinema and Animation (in São Paulo, Brazil), I’ve prepared a 1 week workshop on ICE. The idea is to avoid the tutorial approach and dive into the concepts behind technical direction and simulation. This workshop will take place at Melies’ building, between the 24th and the 28th of September. For those in Brazil, call (11) 5573-1095 for more info.

Motion Tools

research and development

Motion Tools is a small collection of tools that aims to aid Motion Graphic work being created inside Softimage. The idea is to create a workflow for the creation, distribution and animation of instances as intuitive as the ones found in comercial solutions. Since it is created ontop of ICE the tools have speed and combustibility considerably superior to similar solutions.

Oficial website: