• 12th Jul 2010

    Maya Render Passes

    My new tutorial on multipass rendering in Maya using Mental Ray is now on-line at CGChannel. The main subject is how to take your renders apart into passes and then recomping them for greater flexibility and control.
  • 19th May 2010


    AEEE!!! O curta Pronto para Assar, de minha autoria, entrou para o Animamundi 2010. Quero agradecer a todos que de alguma maneira colaboraram no processo e convidar a todos para ir ao Animamundi e ver o curta. Divulgo as datas de exibição aqui assim que elas estiverem disponíveis.
    YEAHH!! My short, Chicken`o`Matic (Pronto para Assar), was selected for the festival Animamundi 2010 (big animation festival in Brazil). I want to thank everybody who helped with the project in anyway and invite everybody who is nearby Sao Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro in July to go to the festival.